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Artist round Table
Featuring Alice Hope, Laurie Lambrecht, and candace Hill-montgomery

Alice Hope (Photo by Soren Hope)

Laurie Lambrecht (Photo by Patricia Maurides)

Candace Hill-Montgomery (Photo by Melanie Acevado)

JULY 30th | 2:00 PM

Celebrating our summer exhibition, Threading the Needle, The Church is hosting an artists' roundtable. This forum will be a place to discuss the themes of the show in more detail. On Saturday July 30, we will have the opportunity to listen to and learn from Alice Hope, Laurie Lambrecht and Candace Hill Montgomery, three artists working locally and included in the exhibition. Moderated by Chief Curator Sara Cochran, the group will talk about the intersections and divergences of each artist’s processes, ideas, and work in this lively and informative conversation. The exhibition is focused on artworks that address what happens when the conceptual approaches of contemporary art insect with the expertise and skill of weaving and fabric-based practices and craft. It will be an exciting opportunity to hear from these artists and understand their work in the contexts of their individual practices and within the exhibition.

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