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The Sketching of the Animals
with April gornik, Sabina Streeter, and Lucy Winton
This event is part of our SPRING JUBILEE
Sunday, May 7th, 2023
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Ticket FOR one sketch: $200
“The Sketching of the Animals” is a play on “The Blessing of the Animals” (shout out to our Co-Founder Eric Fischl for conceiving this fun idea). Artists April Gornik, Sabina Streeter, and Lucy Winton will be stationed in The Church’s Garden for live sketching quick illustrations of your beloved pet or pets.
Bring your birds, chickens, cats, dogs, gerbils, or elephants!
You can bring your pets or your best-ever photos of your pets
for the sketch artists to work from!

Are you a ‘dabbler’ whose hobbies include drawing and sketching, and rarely find a moment to pursue this passion? Bring your sketch pad, pencils, and charcoaland join us on the grass for a casual sketching of the festive scene!

Available as an a la carte ticket only.
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