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April 30-May 31, 2021

Sag Harbor in Focus was an exhibition of photography created by students from Pierson High School during the past year. It was a visual reflection of their experiences, diversity of interests and unique perspectives on living in Sag Harbor and growing up on the East End of Long Island. It celebrates their resilience during this extraordinary year of the pandemic and social protest. It is also a tangible manifestation of their creativity, passion for photography and their love for our community. 

The show was generously curated by photographer Mary Ellen Bartley and the work was divided into seven categories: Portraiture, Still Life, Home, Outside World, Photojournalism, Virtual Learning and Emotions

The exhibition was sponsored by Ray and Carol Merritt and the Cygnet Foundation. Additional funding and support was provided by The Donald Reutershan Educational Trust.

Thanks and kudos to the dynamic art teachers at Pierson, Peter Solow and Liz Cataletto,  who are so clearly devoted and inspirational to their students.

The Church was thrilled to be hosting this always-engaging exhibition, the 5th annual of its kind.

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