48 Madison Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963


The mission of The Church is to foster creativity on the East End and to honor the living history of Sag Harbor as a maker village.


Begun with limited accessibility in spring 2021 after a year of pandemic, The Church has opened as an artist residency, exhibition space and innovative center with a wifi-enabled public garden in the heart of the village of Sag Harbor. The Church's operating organization is Edge and Center, so named to reflect the way the creative process embraces the outer edge of possibilities to arrive at a work's realized core. 


Artists Eric Fischl and April Gornik have led this project since their purchase of the empty building over two years ago. With Executive Director and Chief Curator Sara Cochran and the Board of Directors, our goal is to inspire creativity in the communities of the East End and its worldly visitors. Championing new and traditional technologies through collaboration, education and outreach, The Church strives to be an asset for the community in all its richness and heterogeneity. Thomas Brokish is our Facilities Director.


The Church is an artist residency, exhibition space, creativity center, and exquisite destination. 


  • Meet and be inspired by our artists-in-residence

  • Experience exhibitions curated to stimulate discussions

  • Discover the work and ideas of local and international creatives

  • Explore the passions and talents of community members

  • See and discuss works of art with artists in an intimate setting

  • Learn and develop skills in workshops taught by diverse professionals

  • Enjoy performances including music, performing arts, spoken word and dance

  • Learn from internationally recognized creatives at an annual Creativity Conference

  • Involve children in impactful programs that will benefit them educationally and personally


The Church is the cultural organization and name animating the building at 48 Madison Street. Edge and Center, Inc. is the legal not-for-profit entity operating it, a 501(c)3 registered with the IRS and the Office of the Attorney General of the State of New York.


TOTAL BUDGET (projected): $1.2 million annually. The Church was built by Fischl and Gornik, and donations to Edge and Center, Inc. are used for programming, operations, and staffing, rather than for construction.

The Church is being run by Executive Director Sara Cochran, Managing Director Thomas Brokish, a Media Director yet to be named, staff, and volunteers, guided by the Founders and a Board of 15 Directors. Staff will grow as needed, and residents will be chosen by professional recommenders.

For more information, please contact Director Sara Cochran at