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KNowledge Friday
With peter soloW
JUNE 17TH | 6:00PM

The Church is excited to announce the next event in our Knowledge Friday series, a conversation between extraordinary artist and art teacher Peter Solow and The Church Co-Founder April Gornik. John Russell, covering Solow’s work in The New York Times stated, “Human destiny is Mr. Solow’s subject, whether it is treated as Ingmar Bergman treats it (in terms of private involvement, that is to say) or in terms of huge predicament that has not yet defined itself. Either way, and whether on a seashore or in an unnamed metropolis, Mr. Solow holds our attention.”


For 21 years Mr. Solow has taught at Pierson High School, where he represents opportunity and inspiration for all his students. Solow has taught a range of subjects, from middle school to advanced art classes, International Baccalaureate Program’s Theory of Knowledge class, to Journalism and Cultural History. In addition, Mr. Solow is the coordinator of the Donald Reutershan Educational Trust created to enhance art and architecture education for the students at the Sag Harbor public schools. He has also organized series of student trips to Italy, Spain, and Cuba for cultural enrichment.


Mr. Solow's impact on the school, its students, and our community is indelible. During his Knowledge Friday, Mr. Solow will talk about his own art practice, his work with students, and the importance of art as a fundamental uniter of people and a generator for the best in all of us. 


April Gornik says, “John Russell stated that human destiny is Peter Solow’s subject in his artwork, and we want to celebrate not only his art, but also the improved destinies of so many students whose young lives have been transformed and inspired by Peter’s incredibly gifted and generous communication with them.”

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