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Photograph by Rachel Stern

JULY 2ND | 11:00 AM

The Church is excited to host a conversation with renowned artist, educator, and artist-in-residence Sheila Pepe. Sheila will be joined by The Church’s Chief Curator Sara Cochran, who will interview Sheila on her work featured in our Threading the Needle exhibition. Known for crocheting large-scale, ephemeral installations and sculptures, Sheila will be spending her residency installing a sight specific piece that will hang from The Church’s wooden rafters, the first time an artist has worked specifically with the historic architecture of the building. The discussion will cover the process and planning involved in creating the work within The Church – presenting the sculpture that is sometimes intersecting and sometimes so deeply seated within the structure as to not be apparent. Sheila’s vision involves optics, haptic gesture, and word/image association.

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