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Turbulence, 2014.jpeg

Sally Gall

Jane Martin, Earth Rising XIV.jpg

Thomas Joshua Cooper


Jane Martin

Clear Out to Sea: Thomas Joshua Cooper, Sally Gall, and Jane MartinNovember 7, 2021 - February 28, 2022 November 7, 2021 


Through the work of three photographers—Thomas Joshua Cooper, Sally Gall, and Jane Martin—this exhibition considers the ability of photography to embrace both the abstract and the tangible in the same image. Working in nature, each of these artists is focused on the precise elements in front of their lens and yet the resulting images are ambiguous. Their work plays with depth, direction, representation, and interpretation in order to remake the real. The images are fugitive. A dress morphs into a jelly fish. Without a horizon line, an image of water flattens vertically. A veil of rain disappears into abstract and painterly gestures highlighting a canvas of muted color. The viewer is asked to decipher and read these images, finding an internal logic that is reliant on details both big and small. 

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