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Insight Sundays
Christa Maiwald and lucy winton
Christa's headshot (Selfie).jpg
Lucy Winton (PC Bryan Hunt).jpg
L-R: Christa Maiwald (Photo credit: courtesy of artist), Lucy Winton (Photo credit: Bryan Hunt)
sunday july 17th I 10:30 aM

Tickets: $15

In celebration of The Church's summer exhibition Threading the Needle, an exhibition that explores how contemporary artists are using weaving and fabric processes, we will be hearing from some of the artists involved. Christa Maiwald and Lucy Winton will join us as we resume our Insight Sunday series, where artists discuss their practice in front of one of their works.


The two will speak for around half an hour on the exhibition floor, before The Church is open to the public. A Q&A will follow, allowing attendees time to engage with the artist and their work. Insight Sundays are the ultimate behind the scenes sneak peek, and a wonderful opportunity to hear an artist focus on an individual piece, see it through their eyes, and explore how it relates to their body of work, career, process, and interests.  

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