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ARtist round table
Scott bluedorn, cy Keener and steve miller
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cy keener 08.22.jpg
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Thursday, May 26tH | 6PM

Tickets: $15

In celebration of The Church’s spring exhibition Empire of Water, we are holding a round table with artists Scott Bluedorn, Cy Keener, and Steve Miller moderated by The Church’s Chief Curator Sara Cochran. Each of these artists has distinguished themselves by their unique voices and individual visions for their work. Scott Bluedorn makes paintings, drawings, prints, collages, and assemblages of found objects that illustrate his desire to develop a “maritime cosmology” that connects with the collective unconscious. Cy Keener is an interdisciplinary artist who uses environmental sensing and kinetic sculpture to record and represent environmental phenomena and connect people with the natural world. Steve Miller is a multi-media artist, who makes paintings, screen prints, artist books, and sculptures to explore the influence of science and technology on modern culture. 


Nevertheless, despite their differences, each of these artists has strong ties to this area and is profoundly interested in the questions of place, community, and the future of the lands we live upon. Their discussion will address how they each create their work and where they find the balance between their creativity, practice, and desire to engage with important questions facing us today. This is an extraordinary opportunity to understand the work of these artists and how their work intersects with us during this moment in time. 

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