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March 12, 9-6:30PM



9AM – Ken Kamler

10AM- Karen Wynn

11AM- Bran Ferren

2PM – Deirdre Barrett

3PM – Mark Moffett and Melissa Wells

4PM – Pat Wright 

5-6:30 – Cocktail Reception for Speakers and Attendees 

Tickets: $75

Please note, the Creativity Conference will not be recorded as the speakers will be talking about current ongoing research.

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 The Church is pleased to announce the first annual Creativity Conference, a full-day program of lectures and socializing with a group of six creative thinkers across widely different fields. Curated by Mark W. Moffett and Melissa Wells, the program will be a stimulating event as these fascinating innovators from the arts and sciences discuss their expertise in an intimate setting. The day will conclude with a cocktail reception, giving guests the opportunity to socialize with the lecturers at the end of an insightful and inspiring day of talks. 

Ken Kamler is a hand surgeon and an expert on medicine under extreme conditions, who has worked with everyone from NASA to the Dalai Lama on medical issues and written two bestsellers. He is also the doctor who comes to the rescue in Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air.

Karen Wynn, artist and professor emeritus who ran the Infant Cognition Center at Yale, studies the morality in preverbal infants, how they grasp older humans, and their understanding of numbers. Her work was the subject of a 2012 story on the CBS series 60 minutes.


Bran Ferren is a technologist, engineer, set designer, architect, business expert, inventor, futurist, and former president of Research and Development at Walt Disney Imagineering who is known for his creative work across many disciplines in the sciences and the arts.

Psychologist Deirdre Barrett, the author of highly regarded books like Pandemic Dreams and a past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, teaches at the Harvard Medical School about dreams, imagery, creativity, and hypnosis.

Known as "the Indiana Jones of Entomology” at National Geographic, Mark Moffett travels the world seeking new species and behaviors with Melissa Wells, who does their videography, while they study the life and death of societies across the animal kingdom. 

Patricia Wright, the MacArthur “genius grant” winning field scientist and conservationist based at Stony Brook University, studies the social lives of wild lemurs in Madagascar and is the author of High Moon Over the Amazon and For the Love of Lemurs. 

Your ticket includes a breakfast spread provided by Harbor Market, and the cocktail party with cheese from Cavaniola's Gourmet. You are welcome to come to as many talks as you can attend. No tickets will be sold for individual talks.

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