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MAY 8TH, 2022 I 5:00 PM


The Church is pleased to host After Hours at The Church: Eric Fischl and Sara Cochran Conversation on Empire of Water Exhibition!  


Join us for an intimate conversation between our Co-Founder Eric Fischl and Chief Curator Sara Cochran, where the two will take a deep dive into all the details and intricacies of our current exhibition Empire of Water.  The conversation will conclude with a wine reception, allowing guests to socialize and converse about the works.


Eric Fischl, says of the exhibition, “Water, water everywhere is what you will see when you visit Empire of Water. We’ve pulled together 44 artists who have found a wide range of creative and surprising ways to express aspects of our complex relationship to this liquid which covers most of the earth’s surface and dominates so much of our history of exploration, commerce, conquest, and survival. This magical and mundane substance has occupied the creative and spiritual imagination since man began to make images and sounds. It is our hope that the audience, so familiar with this subject, will find works of art that surprise, impress, provoke and amuse them in utterly new ways.”  


The exhibition includes 47 artworks by 44 artists in a variety of mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, and digital work, bringing together established and emerging artists in the area and from across the globe. 

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